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If you like piña coladas...

Riker and The Beachcombers

Riker and The Beachcombers

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Riker Lynch - Feel The Love (Official Video)

Escape (from Quarantine) - Riker and The Beachcombers

My Girl Rita (Official Video) - Riker and The Beachcombers


Between playing for a decade in the pop band R5, touring with alt-rock duo The Driver Era, and his own trop-rock artist project Riker and The Beachcombers, it's clear that Riker Lynch knows a thing or two about being a multi-faceted entertainer. Known for his larger-than-life live performances and crooner vocals, Lynch aims to not be complacent when it comes to music; opting to color outside of the lines by blurring genres from rock to reggae to pop, ensuring that everything Lynch touches is as unique as he is. Since touring across the globe and releasing a plethora of albums and songs, he’s garnered praise from the likes of Billboard, NME, and more, and accumulated quite the feverish fanbase. 

In addition to music, after getting a taste of acting since joining the cast of Glee for seasons 2-4 and accumulating over a dozen of credits as an actor, Lynch has completely immersed himself in every aspect of filmmaking. As a writer, director, and producer, Lynch solely created two short films—the comedy “Lyft Me Up" and the sci-fi comedy "Aliens On Halloween"—with more upcoming.

After more than a decade in entertainment, to say Riker Lynch isn't one of the industry's most dynamic talents would be an understatement.

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Other Music Projects

Riker also currently plays bass for the alternative band "The Driver Era". 
And from 2009 to 2018 he sang and played bass for "R5".

R5 - Smile (Official Video)
R5 - All Night (Official Video)
R5 - Dark Side (Live at The Greek Theatre)
R5 - (I Can't) Forget About You (Official Video)
R5 - Did You Have Your Fun? (Vevo Presents: FunPopFun Festival)
R5 - Dark Side (Official Video)
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